Manage your eBay listings with Fillz

We help sellers turn their inventory into money.

Fillz is a web-based inventory management system designed to streamline your online business and increase your sales. Synchronize your eBay Store with other marketplaces and manage inventory and orders in one easy-to-use environment.


Get Selling

Load your inventory into Fillz to automatically list on multiple sites. Make it eBay ready in just a few steps:

  • Use a customized template to personalize your eBay listings
  • Implement global category mapping to direct your books, movies, music, and games to the right buyer
  • Set your shipping rates and destinations per category
  • Include specific checkout details with return policy and handling time
  • Stay competitive with the use of customizable, market-specific intelligent pricing tools
  • Save time with automatic pricing for your new and modified listings every 15 minutes

Get Orders

  • Fulfill more orders with automatic cross-marketplace management
  • Manage your orders through Fillz by printing pick lists and custom packing slips
  • Integrate with one of several supported postal services to print your shipping labels in bulk
  • Generate customized and automated buyer confirmation emails with tracking numbers to help your business provide the best customer service available and increase positive feedback
  • Export your orders into your own database or monitor your increasing sales with easy-to-read monthly reports
Order Management

Contact Us

Fillz offers direct support for eBay,, and over 15 other marketplaces. For more information on how Fillz can integrate with your eBay Store and any other marketplaces, please contact our sales department.