Get Your FillZ! February 2008

Dear FillZ Client,

We have another informative bulletin for you this month. There are lots of interesting updates from the major markets to tell you about. FillZ is also gearing up for a busy Trade Show season and we hope to see you at least once over the next few months.

Upcoming Trade Shows:

The beginning of Trade Show season is just around the corner. The first show of the year that we'll be attending is CAMEX from February 29th to March 4th. If you'd like to make an appointment with our Business Development Manager to discuss your FillZ account, please send us an email.

For more information, visit

Spring Book Show:
We are pleased to be able to extend two free invitations to the Spring Book Show this year. The show is taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, from March 28-30. If you're interested in attending the SBS, please send us an email by noon (Pacific Time) on March 1st. We'll draw the names of two lucky sellers who will attend the SBS for free. Please note that only the registration fee is waived, all transportation and lodging costs are not covered.

For more information about the Spring Book Show, click here:

Getting to Know You:

We'll be including a short survey with every FillZ Newsletter to find out how we can enhance FillZ to help you save time while increasing your revenue. We hope you'll take the time to fill out the anonymous survey to help us determine what areas need improvement.

The first survey contains 5 questions about shipping tools and order processing. To take the survey, please click here. If you're unable to see the survey, please send me an email and I'll forward it to you.

Change in Postage Fees:

USPS announced that a postal price adjustment is slated to roll out on May 12, 2008. To see full details about the new fee structure, click here.

If you have any questions or comments for us, as always, we'd love to hear from you. Please send me an email with any suggestions you have. 

Happy Selling!

Aleksa H.

Marketplace News:


Further expansion into European market: AbeBooks launched a new e-commerce site called targeting Swedish and Russian sellers.  [read more]


Adding Movie & Music to Alibris has started to add music and movie listings to so you may start to see more sales through the HDC/Alibris partner program if you're listing in these categories. [read more]

Blackwell's partnership program: Alibris announced a new partnership program with Blackwell's, the UK's leading academic text seller. [read more]

Top 300 Bestseller List: Alibris is now reporting on the Top 300 best selling items every month. [
read more]


Buys Audible, the largest audio book provider: Amazon makes another acquisition in digital media. [read more]

Changes for .ca members: The "ship from" location for .ca listings changed as of February 6, 2008. [read more]

Product search takes sellers off site: Amazon is testing a new advertising program called "Product Ads." Merchants can upload catalog data and bid for advertising space on [read more]

Enhancements to Payments Module: Amazon is making changes to the "Get Paid" pages in your Seller Account. [read more]


Announcement FAQ: eBay has posted a comprehensive FAQ page explaining upcoming changes. Click here for more information.

Upcoming Changes: AuctionBytes has published a concise overview of the changes announced by eBay a few weeks ago. The article also includes feedback from eBay sellers detailing how the changes will impact their businesses. [read more

Gallery Photos Free: As of February 20, gallery photos will no longer cost 0.35 each. eBay is waiving the fee for gallery photos in auction, fixed-price and store listings. Click here for the full fee structure.

Auction Listing Fee Reduction: For those of you selling auction-style listings on eBay, there's good news. Starting February 20th, insertion fees will be a bit cheaper. [read more]

New Features on FillZ: 

Bump listings to $1.00: To help sellers with the new listing restriction on eBay, we've created a feature on your eBay settings page that will allow you to choose whether or not you want to increase your listing price to $1.00 to meet the new minimum. For more information, click here.

"Custom" marketplaces: You can now modify Custom marketplace names. Confirmation emails and packing slips will display the Marketplace name you choose. 

Chrislands: You can now enter your web store name under the Chrislands configuration. Your store name will appear in the confirmation email and packing slip instead of "Chrislands."

Resolved Bugs:

Source: The 'Source' field on the postage page was not being updated after addresses were verified.

Custom Orders: Error Messages when trying to add a Custom Order.

Custom Orders: Emails not being sent for Custom orders.

New Seller Corner

Are you new to FillZ?

Are you wondering why you're getting swamped with reports from Amazon? Why orders you've already shipped before you signed up with FillZ are in your account?

Visit our "TOP TEN THINGS FOR NEW SELLERS TO KNOW" wiki page to find answers to these questions and much more!

Click here.


I cancelled an order on AbeBooks, why wasn't my item re-listed?

When you cancel an order on any of the marketplaces, we won't resend the listing as we can't be sure of the cancellation reason. In these situations you will need to manually adjust the quantity in your FillZ inventory and the changes will be exported to all active markets.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us.

In Development

New Marketplace:
Support for Amazon FBA

New Marketplace: Support
for PlayTrade

Updated Feature: New inventory input features are on the way! 

Updated Feature:  More sorting features for packing slip and postage pages

Product Demo: Live web demos for new sellers

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