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Dear Sellers,

We hope each of you had a happy Holiday Season! 2009 has quickly come and gone and we'd like to take this time to reflect on what was a very busy year at FillZ.

Here's a glimpse at some of the features we released in 2009:

  • Amazon Seller Feedback was added to our competitive pricing data.
  • We added customizable currency settings for each marketplace using the exchange rate of your choice.
  • We integrated with Amazon Charge When Ship.
  • We added order confirmation for TextbooksRus.
  • Easy-to-print mailing labels were added to the Orders page for fast packaging.
  • The Advanced Import page was updated to offer an Add/Subtract Quantity import option.
  • We added support for eBay Fixed Price Listings and Global Categories. We also added support for eBay Item Specifics and added new fields for Maximum Dispatch Time and Return Policy as per eBay policy.

Over the last year we've also seen our inventory types expand well beyond books, music, and DVDs. Check out what some FillZ users are listing on Amazon today:

  • Apple iPods and iPod accessories
  • Nintendo Wii and Wii accessories
  • XBox & PlayStation consoles and accessories
  • Camcorders and camcorder accessories
  • Portable media players

We're not slowing down in 2010! Keep reading for our latest New Features.

Happy Selling!


New Features

Batch Editing - We're thrilled to announce our newest improvement to Inventory Listing! We've added a Batch Edit tool to the Condition & Price page allowing users to add and modify condition, price, international and/or expedited shipping options, and item notes for up to 200 items at one time. Click here for more on the Condition & Price page!

More Amazon Pricing Data - We've expanded our Used item pricing data for better representation of the lowest Used prices on Amazon. Want to know Amazon's selling price too? If Amazon is selling the item we'll include their price in our competitive pricing data, even if it's not among the 10 lowest prices. If you're not already considering Amazon's price in your current reprice strategy and you'd like to, please let us know.


AbeBooks - Time is running out for the Happy Holidays Promotion!

If you're a FillZ user and you don't yet sell on AbeBooks, try them in 2010! It only takes 5 minutes to sign-up. AbeBooks is offering to waive the first 2 months of your subscription fees to try them out.

Sign up for this limited-time offer before January 31st, 2010. Contact Ms. Sienna Luard (Account Manager) at or by telephone at 250-412-3296 and she will expedite the registration process for you.

eBay Fixed Price Promo - List for 5 cents in the books, music, movies & DVDs, and video games categories! eBay is extending the special offer for Fixed Price items listed with Product Details (pre-filled item information) through March 30, 2010. Click here for eBay's announcement.

In the Industry

Book Sale Finder - Book Fairs are a great source for valuable inventory at a low cost. With spring only a couple of months away, it's time to start preparing for the Book Fair season. Check out Book Sale Finder to learn about book sales in Canada and the United States. Be sure to sign up for their weekly personalized Sale Mail for upcoming sales in your area!

eBay: On Location - Interested in networking and gaining tips and tools to help build your business? The eBay: On Location program starts its 2010 tour of American cities this March. Complete with a full curriculum of practical information on building and growing an eBay business the eBay: On Location tour can help you succeed. Sign up for eBay: On Location event news and updates here.

Amazon Textbook Selling Blog - Stay in-the-know! Check out Amazon's Textbook Selling Blog for great industry tips and answers to the most frequently asked Textbook Selling questions.

New Seller Corner

My hottest items are selling too quickly. How can I decrease the risk of double sales?

If you have hot selling items, we recommend that you use a pricing script to have the items listed on only one marketplace for the first __ number of days, and then allow the items to be listed on other marketplaces after the specified number of days.

If you don't want to apply a filter to your entire inventory you can filter based on item rank.

If you set this up for the marketplace that generates the most sales for your business, this should help to dramatically reduce the chance for double sales.

Check out Filter Scripts here and Contact Us for assistance!

CS Tip
I've closed a marketplace account. How do I deactivate it in FillZ?

1. To deactivate a marketplace, go to Settings->Marketplaces->Configuration for __ for the marketplace you would like to deactivate.

2. If you remove all of the information from the fields you filled in and then click Save, the marketplace will be deactivated in FillZ.

Want more How To's? Click here!

Referral Program
FillZ rewards clients who refer our business to their friends and associates. Here's how it works:
     1. You spread the word about FillZ.
     2. A new client references your FillZ user name or store name at sign-up. **It is very important for the new seller to use either of these two identifiers.
     3. We credit your account in the amount that the new client pays to FillZ after the first full month of chargeable services.

It's that easy!


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