FillZ Sales Management

We run 24/7 so you don't have to.

FillZ is a web-based inventory, repricing, and order management service built to streamline and grow your online business. We're reliable, versatile, and affordable.

Add, modify, and delete your inventory in FillZ. We automatically synchronize your marketplaces within minutes.

  • Supports up to 20 marketplaces
  • Simple User Interface for adding items
  • Browse, search, and manage inventory
FillZ Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Whether you're looking for the go-to multi-channel inventory manager or a simple Amazon listing tool, FillZ has the solution. Our inventory software is flexible, dependable, and efficient.

How It Works

FillZ automatically updates your active marketplaces with inventory adds, deletes, and modifications to maintain a synchronized and up-to-date online inventory.

Inventory - How It Works

Adding Inventory

FillZ offers several options for adding new listings. List individual items or upload large files - we have a method for you.

Add ISBNs, UPCs, and Amazon ASINs individually or in bulk. Our simple user interface supports barcode scanners for fast and efficient listing. We even display up-to-date competitive pricing data from Amazon as you list so setting the right price is effortless.

If you have your inventory in a file, such as an inventory report downloaded from your Amazon ProMerchant account, you can import it into FillZ.

Adding Inventory

We support several formats, including:

  • Amazon Tab Separated
    (Active or Open Listing Reports)
  • FillZ Inventory & Product Detail Loader
  • HomeBase
  • UIEE
  • AOB & Monsoon

At no additional cost, multiple employees can add new inventory at the same time for listing optimization.

Editing Inventory

Individual item edits are effortless with our simple inventory search options.

If you prefer a bulk method you can export a copy of your inventory to view and edit in spreadsheet format. Simply import your changes back to FillZ to automatically update each of your active marketplaces. Editing Inventory

Inventory Automation

Inventory Automation (FTPS/API)

Users can automate inventory adds, modifies, and deletes with the use of FTPS.

FTPS integration is ideal for high-volume sellers sending several updates a day, sellers with large inventories, and sellers who require integration with an internal system.

FillZ also offers the ability to quickly update quantities through an API.

FBA Support

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) listings can be downloaded from your Amazon ProMerchant account into an Active Listings Report.

Simply import the Active Listings Report into FillZ. FillZ will automatically synchronize with Amazon's on-hand quantities.

Learn more about support for FBA

Inventory Automation

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Choose a completely customizable pricing strategy. We use up-to-date competitive pricing data to set and update your prices according to your specific needs.

  • View and analyze competitive pricing data
  • Adjust prices
  • Set marketplace specific prices
  • Strategies to meet every pricing need
FillZ Inventory Management

Competitive Repricing

Looking for a flexible multi-channel repricing software? Or maybe you're on the search for the ultimate Amazon repricing tool or agile FBA repricer. Whatever your repricing needs, we've got you covered.

How It Works

FillZ offers completely customizable repricing strategies across each of our three service tiers, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate. FillZ users can select a pre-written pricing strategy from our free script library, or have a custom script written to suit their unique business needs.

Repricing - How It Works

We use the most up-to-date Amazon pricing data to reprice, including:

  • New & Used Buy Box Price
  • Item Price, Shipping Price, & Total Landed Price
  • Offers identified as FBA or FBM
  • Ratings & Feedback Numbers
  • Amazon Salesrank
  • List Price (MSRP)
Flexible Repricing

Repricing is versatile and flexible

  • Segment repricing strategies by condition, product type, id, location, age, and more.
  • Price up and down as competition moves.
  • Ignore competition based on Rating & Feedback Numbers.
  • Set minimums and maximums.
  • Price FBA and FBM inventory.

FillZ offers competitive Amazon data from:,,,,, and AbeBooks.

Competitive Data Amazon Data

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View and process all of your orders in one place. Print pick lists, packing slips, and postage. We take care of updating quantities and making sure your marketplaces know when an order has been shipped.

  • Automatic order retrieval and confirmation
  • Automatic inventory updates on all marketplaces
  • Easy postage integration
  • Pick lists and customizable packing slips
FillZ Inventory Management
Order Management

Order Management

If you're on the hunt for an online order management tool to process multi-channel sales, or Amazon order software to streamline postage and confirmations, then FillZ is just the service you're looking for.

How It Works

FillZ connects to your active marketplaces 24/7. As sales occur across your multiple marketplaces FillZ retrieves the orders and sends automatic quantity updates to your sites to ensure your marketplace inventory is synchronized and up-to-date. With orders all in one place, shipping is fast and easy.

Orders - How It Works
Supported Features

Supported Features

  • View and print a Pull List for easy item picking
  • View and print customizable packing slips individually or in bulk
  • Organize orders into folders
  • Search orders by item, order id, or buyer details
  • Edit order details, including item weight and buyer address
  • Generate postage files for Endicia Dazzle or
  • Confirm orders with tracking to trigger automated order confirmation across your marketplaces
  • Send confirmation, cancellation, and deferral emails to buyers
  • Download orders for internal reporting

Integrated Postage

Integrated Postage Partners

Visit our partners page for more info about our integrated postage solutions.

Multiple Users

At no additional cost, multiple employees can access the Order Management User Interface at once. Multiple Users

Fullfillment by Amazon (FBA)

FBA orders are received directly into the Shipped Order status.

Inventory Automation
Inventory Automation

Order Automation

Users can automate order processing with the use of FTPS. FTPS integration is ideal for high volume sellers and sellers who require integration with an internal system. FillZ also offers the ability to retrieve and update orders through an API.

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"FillZ has been great for our business, and we've seen a significant sales increase since we started using it. It makes listing and re-pricing on multiple marketplaces fast, easy, and affordable, and the system is very simple to use."
– Chris Harbaugh, Recycleabook